The Tale of Two Brothers: Dare to Live

A children’s tale about two brothers who choose different paths for their life. One chooses to live without risk–hiding away in a hut so as to avoid pain, suffering, heart-ache, disease, and sorrow. The other risks everything in order to LIVE and live well.

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“…in this post-modern era where ‘my truth’ is contrasted equally with Truth and raw data derided and met with vitriol: it is as difficult to convince a man of reality as it is to fill a cup that is already full.

For when he can choose to drink up his own truth and discard others at whim, the sacrosanct bows before the expedient—even in the face of overwhelming and inconvenient evidence.

For, verily, why would any but the most principled of persons choose but from the plurality of thought when to think otherwise chooses the rocky and serpentine path where a clear and prosperous one clearly lies before him?”

-Sean Dempsey, January 2021